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Generator Power – Commercial Asbestos Removal

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Project Type

Asbestos Removal + COLORBOND® roof


Violet St, Revesby

Roof Size

800sqm Wall size: 180sqm


4 Days


Budget Roofing was contracted to perform an asbestos roof removal and wall replacement at the new premises of Generator Power. The building comprises of a lower and upper roof with glass sheeting in between. The front wall fascade was made of fibre cement sheeting. Over the course of a weekend, Budget Roofing safely removed the asbestos cement sheeting from the roof area and replaced it with 0.48 corrugated roof sheeting in COLORBOND® Deep Ocean.

Asbestos removal can be a complex procedure. Trying to minimise disruption to clients, neighbouring properties and the public can be complex. With superior organisation, and the right safety measures in place, the process can be smooth and without disruption.

Our company has undertaken many project over 35 years. Many of the projects involve asbestos for clients where minimising interruption to business operations is paramount. Stock and inventory has to be covered in commercial building plastic to prevent any contamination. Specialist cleaning procedures are put in place throughout the whole process.

Air monitoring by third-party air control companies is deployed to verify the site and surrounding areas have been protected from asbestos contamination. As Generator Power were yet to move in to their new premises, this was not an issue and we had the luxury of an empty warehouse on this occasion making the whole process much simpler. The front fascade wall once stripped bare, was fitted with new aluminium windows, sheeted with white MonoPanel wall sheets, and custom flashings and trims. Once the client finished the front wall with 3D signage the end result was a top quality product as the photographs lay testament too.