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Restore the overall condition of your roof, replacing broken and leaking tiles.


Transform the appearance of your home, cleaning worn and aged tiles.


Guard your property from future leaks, damage and deterioration.

What is a roof restoration?

A roof restoration involves repointing and re-bedding your tiles, replacing broken tiles, roof cleaning, re-coating and sealing your roof – transforming the condition and look of your property.

Is your tiled roof looking extremely worn and outdated, or constantly leaking? Do you have broken or peeling tiles?

Our Sydney roof restoration team can completely restore the look and integrity of your home. Reach out today for a free roof assessment and quote.

Why choose Budget Roofing?

We’ve delivered thousands of roof restorations in Sydney

When it comes to bringing your aged roof back to life – we’ve seen it all. Budget has been delivering roof restoration and cleaning in Sydney for over 35 years. Our team is highly skilled across every aspect of cement and terracotta tile restoration.

We’ll provide a free and straightforward quote

We’ll undertake a comprehensive roof inspection, and provide you with a free condition report. Your quote will outline all aspects of the work, so you can be sure you’re only paying for services you need.

Our restoration process is second to none

Our team follows a meticulous roof restoration process. We use high-grade equipment, advanced techniques, and industry-leading products to restore your roof. We’re confident in the work we deliver. Workmanship on your roof restoration is guaranteed for 7 years.

The roof restoration process

Replace all broken tiles

We start by removing all broken tiles. We will assess all compromised or chipped tiles. Tiles with deep or large chips must be replaced to ensure your restoration is future-proofed.

Tiles with very small cosmetic chips may be relocated to ensure a consistent appearance across your roof.

Commercial-grade pressure cleaning

We undertake high-pressure cleaning to restore the surface of your roof. Our commercial-grade machinery removes all dirt, pollutants, mosses, lichens, oils and leaves – revealing the natural, brighter colour of your tiles underneath.

We’ve invested in the best roof cleaning technology in Sydney, ensuring incredible results. Watch as the dull, grimy covering falls away. The pressure will also highlight any remaining weak tiles that are at risk of breaking, so they can be replaced.

Re-bed tiles

Over time, the concrete bedding in your roof becomes worn down, and begins to crumble away.  Left for long enough, the roof capping can become loose and unstable. Loose tiles are a common sign that your roof needs re-bedding.

To protect your home from future water damage, we remove this old cement and re-set the ridge capping. We use a frame to ensure the ridge-cap tiles are perfectly lined up, and premium mortar to ensure they are set into place for years to come.


We then use a flexible compound to create a bond between the new cement, the tiles, and the ridge capping. We use a premium pointing material which expands and contracts with Sydney’s varying weather conditions, ensuring a strong seal against dust and water.

Prime + pre seal (Concrete Only)

We start the colour preparation process with a premium co-polymer primer. The primer will protect your top-coat from peeling and cracking – so we use a high-grade primer that is suited to your unique tile.

 We then use a pre-sealer to build up the surface of the tile, ensuring seamless coverage. This product contains special polymers that will stop the calcium salt within your tiles from reaching through to the top coat.

Glaze + seal (Concrete Only)

If you have concrete tiles, it’s time to apply your coloured top coat. Note that terracotta tiles cannot be coloured. While there are hundreds of paint products available, we only work with leading top-coats that will provide a superior finish, while resisting dirt, dust, and UV penetration.

To finish, we will seal the tiles with a high-grade sealant. Both the glaze and sealant will include UV stabilisers and fungicides to ensure the longevity of your roof restoration.

Inspection + project handover

Once your restoration is complete, your dedicated project manager will ensure you are 100% happy with your restoration work before you are invoiced for the project.

Ready to bring your roof back to life? Get a free quote today!

How much does a roof restoration cost?

The cost of roof restoration ranges from $4,000 to $10,000, depending on the size and complexity of the job. We pride ourselves on being one of the most competitive roof restoration companies in Sydney. If you’ve received a cheaper price for the exact services and products, reach out to us about a price match.


“Professional job and nothing asked was a problem. Local company and the guys who installed were fantastic. When booking in the installation or any questions I actually spoke to the owner. Finally back to good service and actually getting what you pay for! Price can't be beaten.”

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